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Originally built in 1926, this timeless classic is located on one of the most coveted streets in the Dominican neighborhood. Over the years this beautiful home has served as a great venue for parties and dinners for campus events such as gubernatorial debates, international speakers, and musical events. Marin Magazine published a photo of the home when the Hydrangeas were in full bloom, and it became known as the Hydrangea House.

Construction history: In 1978 the current owners bought the home, and in 1979 they opened walls and combined rooms. The owner is an Architect, and with great design care, in 1981 they added a second floor, including a spectacular two-story library with a two-story north-facing window. In 1985 the kitchen was expanded, a two-car garage was attached to the house, and a swimming pool was added. In 2015-16, the garage was rebuilt and a grand master bath, dressing room, laundry room and a new balcony was added. The additional four bathrooms were renovated. This incredibly beautiful and rare home is exceptional in every way.

Sold on 04/11/17

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